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Our Partners


I have been using beard oils for over a year and have tried many products. Reformed Gentlemen offers by far my favorite scent and feel with Woodsmen. Scent is exactly the man smell I love and it is great for dry skin and dandruff. I use the product daily and enjoy the benefits and results I have gotten. Just yesterday while waiting in line at the gas station a lady turned around and said you smell good. I said thanks that's my beard oil and she was shocked. I then informed her of the great qualities reformed gentlemen brings to my beard and she asked if she could take a smell. Haha. Love the product.

Bryan Salsgiver

I love this beard oil! Smells great, and feels even better once on. It keeps my beard from flaking, also keeps my beard pretty soft. You can't beat the price either! Will be buying this again!

Joe Beach

The CinTree was pleasant to apply with a strong burst of cinnamon and just a touch of heat. It absorbed nicely and left my beard soft and free of beard dandruff.

The Woodsmen has a cedar smell and performed just as good as the CinTree with a bit different smell. Some wood scented oils can be a little too pugnacious, but this one hit the mark.

Both products were pleasant to apply and as the oil absorbed and the scent faded you are left with a conditioned beard and scalp!

@ReformedGentlemen isn't just another start up company, rather it has brought two great contributions to the beard market!

If you have a bearded gentleman in your life, check this out! Some dear friends of ours have started this business and Orion has been a product tester for them. He has tried a lot of different beard products over the years, and this oil has earned his recommendation!

Orion Berridge and Amy Berridge

Great price point, excellent product!!! I bought this as a gift for my dad and it was perfect!

Ashley Burns

I received my Woodsmen Beard Oil a week ago and I really do like it. The oil has a rich aroma but, not one that slaps you up side your head with an overpowering nutty fragrance. The oil went on smoothly and helped to control my wild  beard hairs! The essential oils used in this concoction seem to be higher quality than some of the oils I have used before. On top of all this...the label and packaging is amazing! Not only reformed....absolmazing product! I can't wait to try Cinn Tree! Way to go!!!

Thomas William Page Jr

I've used and am using the Pioneer and Woodsmen Oil and the Woodsmen Balm. The oil is high quality with a really good scent profile that stays with all day but isn't overwhelming. The Pioneer scent is amazing! The balm provides good quality hold and the same quality scent. Overall, a great product that I highly recommend for my bearded brothers!

Scott Garrison