Freshmen Beard Oil

Freshmen Beard Oil

Reformed Gentlemen

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At Reformed Gentlemen we want you to feel fresh from the moment you step out of the shower or after cleaning up before you go out straight from the job site!!!!

These are the moments in which you don't just want to feel fresh but to smell fresh as well, Our Freshmen scent can provide just that!! 

The fresh and light scents that are provided by our blend of Essential Oils mixed with our Carrier Oils will make your beard feel and smell clean and light, not thick and greasy like sweat and stink will make it feel!! 

So come and get you a bottle and Freshmen up!!!

Carrier Oil Benefits: Natural Skin Moisturizer, Natural Hair Moisturizer Contains Vitamins A & E, Deep Skin Cleanser, Prevents Dandruff, Stimulates New Hair Growth, 

Note to consumer: Please, try small amount of oil on your hand before applying to face and beard to check for allergies.