Pioneer Beard Oil
Pioneer Beard Oil

Pioneer Beard Oil

Reformed Gentlemen

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At Reformed Gentlemen We not only enjoy the fresh scents but we also enjoy the MANLY scents, just like our Woodsmen.

There is just something about smelling like you've just been Bear Grylls and you're walking straight out of nature where you were roughing it, surviving and owning the wilderness like a BOSS!!!

If that is how you like beginning your day or you just enjoy that feeling in your day to add some adventure then come on over and get you a bottle of Pioneer Men!!!

(Disclosure: This product will NOT make you Bear Grylls or even like Bear Grylls. He is a survival man and this is just a Beard Oil!!!)

Carrier Oil Benefits: Natural Skin Moisturizer, Natural Hair Moisturizer Contains Vitamins A & E, Deep Skin Cleanser, Prevents Dandruff, Stimulates New Hair Growth, 

Note to consumer: Please, try small amount of oil on your hand before applying to face and beard to check for allergies.